Nutrition Seminars 

As stated in our Mission Statement, we treat the entire patient; a healthy lifestyle and emotional fulfilment are just as important as an expertly-performed procedure or operation.

Each month we host a nutrition seminar led by Sarah Harris, MS, RDN free of charge to our patients.  Call the office at 615-321-6100 for times and dates.

Sarah Harris (pictured above) is a Registered Dietitian who with a B.S. in Nutrition and Food Science and M.S. in Clinical Nutrition, she served in Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and hospitals, gaining extensive experience providing medical nutrition therapy to patients with chronic disease including diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, kidney disease, cancers and thyroid disorders. After years of treating the end results of a lifetime of poor health habits, she changed paths to become an integral player in the preventative efforts of fighting the rise in the overweight and obesity that is largely the cause of preventable disease.