About Nashville Vascular and Vein Institute

Nashville Vascular and Vein Institute aims to provide exceptional care for patients with vascular disorders.

We utilize the latest advances in the field and use minimally invasive and endovascular techniques to provide a world-class level of care.

  • Experienced, compassionate, thorough care of the whole person
  • Long-term, established surgeon in the Nashville area
  • Fifteen years of experience in practice in addition to 14 years of training

Quality –The Hallmark of Our Practice

Every provider strives for quality, but we do more…we measure ours. We have invested heavily in the Vascular Quality Initiative™ sponsored by the Society for Vascular Surgery. The VQI is a database that measures our results and compares them with vascular surgeons and practices around the United States. We believe that in order to be serious about quality, you must measure it. But more than just measuring quality, the experienced team led by Dr. Patrick Ryan uses data to continually enhance best practices and improve outcomes.