Mission Statement

Nashville Vascular and Vein Institute exists to provide the highest quality of care possible using evidence-based medicine. We strive to exceed our patients’ expectations and to stand out in our community.

The treatment we use will vary from patient to patient and from provider to provider, but we will always adhere to the following principles:

  • “Above all, do no harm.”—Hippocrates
  • Our patients’ health and quality of life are our number one priority.
  • The benefit of any procedure or treatment must always outweigh its risk.
  • Our patients, colleagues, and employees are very important to us and we interact on the basis of respect, gratitude and honor.
  • We treat the entire patient; a healthy lifestyle and emotional fulfilment are just as important as an expertly-performed procedure or operation.
  • We strive to keep referring physicians and practitioners fully informed about the treatment of their patients.
  • We use plain language and avoid medical terms when possible to ensure our patients fully understand their diagnosis and plan of care.
  • We never leave a room until all the patient’s questions have been answered.
  • We always listen to feedback from our patients, colleagues and employees, and work constantly to improve our practice.

We consider ourselves to be a valued part of the Nashville and Tennessee community, and we strive to provide exceptional care to every patient. We believe that by following these principles we can be the best at what we do, every day.